Friday Finds October 7

October 7, 2022

“I’m so glad that I live in a world where there are Octobers”- Anne Shirley. I couldn’t agree more with one of my favorite literary characters, October is such a magical month. This week’s finds include season 3 of a favorite show, an alternative to a food trend, and a podcast to check out.

Derry Girls

One of my favorite shows is back today with it’s third and final season (yay…boo!) If you haven’t watched Derry Girls I suggest you check it out. It’s about five teenage friends living in Northern Ireland during the 1990s. The music is great and the situations they get themselves into are hilarious. I cannot wait to binge this over my long weekend.

Butter Board Alternative

Don’t get me wrong I love a piece of bread with butter, especially fresh out of the oven bread with melty butter…yum. But I don’t understand this trend. It seems really gross and messy to me. You take a cutting board, smear a bunch of butter on it and top with whatever(fresh herbs, flaky salt, maybe some figs).Then serve it with bread. If you want to serve butter with fancy flavors there are less cringy ways. Check out this post with different recipes to flavor your butter. The cinnamon, jalapeno honey and red wine with shallot butters all look really great. There are also some fruit butters if you’re looking for something to do with all of those apples.

Sounds Like A Cult

I’m always looking for something to listen to on my commute home or when I’m taking an afternoon walk. I started listening to Sounds Like A Cult this week and it’s pretty entertaining. The hosts talk about the modern day “cults” we all follow. Episodes explore topics like The Bachelor, Marathon Runners, CrossFit, The Kardashians, Skincare and True Crime (guilty of this one!). It’s strictly for entertainment purposes but it does make you go hmmmm.

Have a great weekend!

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