French Style Short Ribs-Sunday Supper

The New Year is only days away! Can you believe it?!?!? Usually I’d be finalizing plans with friends, booking a manicure apt and trying to put together a sparkly outfit. Not this year though. This New Years it will just be me, Andrew and the kitties. And that is ok with me. As much as […]

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Easy Stromboli

What a week! This is what….week three of staying at home? The first couple weeks flew by because everything was still so new. Trying to figure out remote learning for Kindergarten and planning activities. But now that we’re in the swing of things I’m finding myself a little bored. I need to be available during […]

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5 Ways to Beat Quarantine Boredom

It’s never easy to be confined to your home, especially if you have a lust for travel. I picked up my 2nd job because of that love of travel and now I’m just stuck home, teaching remotely and trying not to gain 20 pounds from all of the baked goods I’ve been whipping up. The […]

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