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Friday Finds January 7

January 7, 2022

Starting the new year off with a new idea, Friday Finds. I love to see what people are up to, looking at, loving at the moment so I thought I’d share some finds from my week on here. January can be a little dreary. Most of the holiday cheer is packed away and cold, snow, and grey skies begin to be the norm. This week’s finds include a magical soup, a festive pastry, a linen spray and a mocktail!

Magical Leek Soup

So I just finished watching Emily in Paris…for the second time. I really miss traveling and Paris, so I went on a bot of a binge. They mentioned the Magical Leek Soup that French women use to shed a few pounds or to kickstart their weight loss. I’m not usually one for fad diets but I read that it’s a great way to get your gut health in check, leeks are a wonderful prebiotic. I’m going to try it this weekend, see if it helps to reset after the indulges of the holidays. You can find the recipe here.

The King’s Cake

A galette des rois, is a traditional French King Cake. They look quite impressive but are surprisingly easy to make. These are found all over France to celebrate the Epiphany on January 6th. Many countries have their own version of a King’s Cake and most have some sort of trinket baked inside. The person lucky enough to find the charm is graced with good luck, and is declared king or queen of the day.

Dreamy Linen Spray

I always have trouble falling asleep at a reasonable hour after having time off from work. The time between Christmas and New Years is so weird. I seriously am never sure what day it is. Andrew bought me linen spray called Moon Magic, made right here in Maine. It claims to “sooth restless nerves, calm an over active imagination and relieve stress”. You just mist a little on your bedding before crawling in and it voila. I’ve been sleeping so much better than I normally do.

Mocktail Recipe

For those of you who are participating in Dry January I tried out this recipe the other day. It’s full of immune boosting turmeric, grapefruit and spicy ginger. You won’t miss the alcohol, I swear.

Do you have any fun Friday finds? Let me know! Have a great weekend 🙂

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