Friday Finds January 28th

January 28, 2022

I may have filled our home with springy flowers but winter is not over yet. We’re expecting a big storm tonight in Maine that should last until late Saturday. They’re predicting almost a foot of snow in some areas. Yikes! So I think we’ll be hunkered down on Saturday, enjoying some of my finds for the week. This week’s finds include some cheery flowers, a bitters bundle, a spiced bread and a Netflix binge.

Flowers at Trader Joes

TJ’s always has some pretty posies but this week it screamed springtime. I left with some yellow button chamomile, delicate white wax flowers, blue eucalyptus and some creamy hyacinths. The hyacinths have since bloomed they smell amazing. We can pretend that spring will be here soon as the snowflakes still fly.

Itty Bitters Bundles

These would make the perfect gift or a great addition to your home bar. Vena’s Fizz House has been concocting mocktails since before mocktails was a thing. They have great recipes both boozy beverages too. The house made itty bitters bundles comes in 3 themes; The Traditionalist, The Wanderer, and the Adventurer. I think The Wanderer looks interesting, some included flavors are Maine Pine, Lavender & Cedar, and Charred Grapefruit.

Pain d’Épices

This bread is a holiday staple in France. I see it all over my Instagram during the holiday season. Well, I’m a little late making this delicious bread but it’s going to become a staple in our home too. It’s not super sweet and has a touch of citrus, with some orange zest mixed in. It’s the perfect afternoon snack or quick breakfast, slather a little butter on there with a honey drizzle. Yum!

Archive 81

I just finished watching this on Netflix. I’m not even sure how to describe Archive 81. It was weird, but I like weird. It’s a thriller about a video archivist who makes a strange discovery while restoring a collection of videotapes for a client. I’m not going to give too many details, no spoilers here! I read that it was inspired by a podcast by the same name, I haven’t listened to it so I don’t know how similar the two are.

Have a great weekend and stay warm! Spring will be here soon 🙂

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