Friday Finds December 23

December 23, 2022

Happy Friday! Anyone else feel like this week went by super fast? Between World Cup excitement (hopefully next time France), last minute shopping and all things Christmassy this week flew by! Now, I’m officially on winter break and SO looking forward to not setting an alarm and binging Emily in Paris. 🙂 This week’s finds include some super last minute gift ideas, an Icelandic tradition, winter skin care tips, and an article on being 40 and still fabulous.

Super Last Minute Gift Ideas

Are you reading this and still haven’t finished your holiday shopping? First off, thanks for reading but secondly you don’t have time to be scrolling online, you need to hop to it if you plan on giving someone a gift. This article has some easy gift ideas to grab in a pinch and this site has even more. Good Luck out there, the stores are crazy!


In Iceland they have this really neat tradition of giving books on Christmas Eve. Jolabokaflod translated in English means the Christmas book flood and dates back to World War II. Learn more about it here, and maybe start the tradition with your family. It’s not too late to visit your local bookstore. I love the idea of sitting around the Christmas tree with a new book and a yummy beverage.

Winter Skin Care

My skin care routine is quite minimal compared to others but I do switch it up when the seasons change. This article gives tips on how Parisians take care of their skin during the colder, drier months. They are all about the double cleanse.

Midlife Crisis?

40 hit me a little hard, I won’t lie. I wasn’t too jazzed about celebrating, the pandemic was still in full swing and 40 just felt old. I recently read this article from The Cut about how 40 is such a mindf*ck, especially for women. I’m 41 now and I’ve accepted that I will sometimes get called ma’am at the grocery store while the kid behind the register checks my ID.

Have a wonderful weekend! Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas to those who celebrate!

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