Foods To Try On Saint Patrick’s Day

March 13, 2023

It’s often said that everyone is at least a little bit Irish on St. Patrick’s Day, and across America there is definitely no shortage of green beer and super dry soda bread in grocery stores. You’re also more likely than not to find a daily special of corned beef and cabbage at many restaurants too. But did you know that the favorite dish actually comes from the early days of Irish immigrants in America and not the Ireland itself? Now there is nothing wrong with having this Irish American favorite but if you want something a little bit more authentic, I’ve got you covered!


The Irish like to start the day with a hearty fry up. Rashers (Irish bacon), sausages, fried eggs, white and black pudding, baked beans, and some type of potato like a boxty (which is a traditional Irish potato pancake) or toast. This will keep you satisfied until lunch or even beyond. It’s also acceptable to pair with a frothy Guinness. Click here for a recipe.


Who could possibly be hungry at lunchtime after eating that enormous fry up?


Lamb is one of the favorite meats of Ireland, you can find them all through the fields. So when it comes to holidays there’s a good chance you’ll find houses serving some sort of dish containing lamb. The lamb is usually served with roasted root vegetables like carrots and parsnips and of course potatoes. For special occasions a nice mint sauce will also accompany. This leg of lamb recipe from the Irish Food Guide looks very good and not complicated at all. If lamb is not your thing you, bangers and colcannon or a traditional Irish stew made with beef and not lamb are great choices for your holiday meal.

I serve soda bread with any meal I make on Saint Patrick’s Day. This recipe is simple and delicious. Leftover soda bread is great toasted for breakfast with some butter and jam too!


I nice pint of Guinness or Murphy’s Stout is the way to go if you are drinking beer on the holiday. Magners Cider, also called Bulmers, can be found most places. It’s on the sweeter side but it’s produced in Tipperary where some of my family is from. I usually have one on Saint Patrick’s Day as a nod to my roots. Irish Whiskey like Jameson or Gunpowder Gin are both great on the rocks or mixed into a cocktail.


You can’t just put green frosting on a cake and call it Irish. I’m sure it would still taste delicious but if you are looking for a real Irish dessert try a bread pudding with whiskey sauce. If you can find rhubarb at your local market this Irish rhubarb tart is SO good and perfect to celebrate the upcoming spring season.

I hope I inspired you to step out of the corned beef and cabbage box! Happy Saint Patrick’s Day 🙂


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