Unique Lodgings-A Hobbit House Stay

July 30, 2023

Andrew turned 40 this past June so I wanted to do something special for him. He’s been super interested in underground dwellings and has talked for years about the benefits of living like a hobbit. Underground homes are energy efficient, relatively undisturbed by most natural disasters, and better for the environment (google for more info!) When a hobbit house right here in Maine came across my instagram feed I had to check it out.

Purposely Lost is a tiny home property in southern Maine. They currently have three tree houses and two hobbit homes. I booked our stay at the Fern Hollow Hobbit Home and it was truly a magical experience. And Andrew was wicked surprised so that was a bonus. 🙂

Fern Hollow Hobbit Home

When you enter the property of Purposely Lost you are immediately surrounded by nature, a stark contrast to the urbanish area where it’s located. The Fern Hollow Hobbit Home was just what I hoped it would be. The home was super cute, with wonderful attention to details, and had everything we needed.

When you enter this adorable Hobbit House you are met with a kitchen and sitting area. Small but thoughtfully designed this room has a fridge, cooking area, comfy sofa, plenty of board games and a bluetooth speaker. Everything you may need for a comfortable stay.

This underground home has two bedrooms and one bathroom, complete with a great sized shower. The couch can also be converted into a bed. There’s also a hot tub, grill and canoe access so you can explore the river that is just steps away. It’s the perfect place to get away and totally unplug. There is a TV hidden behind the fern canvas in one of the bedrooms if you want it.

I found this list of other Hobbit style homes in the USA and since booking our stay at Purposely Lost they have finished their construction of a Lord of the Rings style Hobbit Home. The attention to detail in this newer home is incredible. Have you stayed in a unique place while traveling? I’d love to know!

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