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Rainy Day Fun Around Portland, Maine

April 5, 2023

It’s springtime in Maine! That means warmer temps, greener spaces and shedding those winter layers. It also means…mud season. It’s that delightful time of year when things start to thaw and spring showers happen more often. April showers bring May flowers though right? So if you’re looking for something to do indoors during this time, I’ve got you covered! Here are my top choices for indoor fun.

The Portland Museum of Art

Visiting the PMA is always a good idea. I pop in there even when the weather is pristine because the exhibits are SO good. I know I’ve mentioned this museum in other posts but for a small city the permanent collection is quite good and they always have new exhibits to explore. The museum also has a gift shop, a café and shows films in their auditorium so there’s plenty to keep you busy.


Feel like relaxing for a couple of hours? Then head over to Soakology. This tea house and spa will leave you feeling refreshed and totally pampered. They just started offering full body massages, which I have not experienced yet but I’m sure they are fabulous. I recommend adding the head, neck and shoulder massage to any soak that you may get. The Clarity of Mind Citrus and Beach Rose soaks are my favorites and don’t forget to order some tea and delicious snacks.


This urban garden center is also the home to DIY terrarium creations. Pop in and let your creative juices flow or sign up for a workshop, either way is a great way to spend a rainy afternoon. I love art/craft projects and with this one is you get to bring home something alive! They also serve yummy food, beer and wine.

Bayside Bowl

I love bowling. I’m not that great at it and sometimes do the “grannie” to get the ball to go right down the middle but I don’t care, I still enjoy it. Bayside Bowl is a great option to spend a few hours inside. The atmosphere is chill, the food is delicious and they have a great drink selection. If the weather turns nice while you’re bowling they also have a rooftop bar which is lovely.


Not to be confused with the state park Acadia! Arcadia is the place for arcade games, skeeball( I freakin’ love skeeball), pinball, Space Invaders, all the classics, with fantastic cocktails, mocktails and food! It’s one of the best places to be thoroughly entertained for hours while sipping on something tasty. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) it is 21+ so leave the kiddies at home.

USM Southworth Planetarium

I know this probably seems really random but hear me out. It’s a rainy day and you get to sit back (in a pretty comfy seat) and gaze up at the planetarium dome as a show takes you through space and time. Super cool. There is nothing wrong with spending your free time doing educational things. They have different programs on their schedule like Hubble Vision, Destination Solar System, and Destination Mars. If you feel like getting super weird you can go to a laser light show featuring Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin or The Beatles. I LOVED these laser light shows when I was in High School and even dragged Andrew to one when we were first dating.

Raining, muddy days are no reason to stay home and binge Netflix. There are still so many things to get you out of the house and stimulate your body and mind. What are your favorite rainy day spots?

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