Friday Finds September 16

September 16, 2022

Woohoo it’s finally Friday! This has been a busy week for me, but it has flown by. We’re only a week away from my favorite season, fall. 🙂 This week’s finds include an apple recipe, some throwback shoes, an interesting podcast episode, and some festive fall drinks.

Honey & Apple Ruffle Milk Cake

Apple season is in full swing, and I hope to find myself at an orchard this week. I stumbled upon this delicious looking Honey and Apple Ruffle Cake that looks super simple to make. Something a little different than your traditional pie or crisp, plus it’s perfect if you celebrate Rosh Hashanah.

Platform Oxfords

I am obsessed with these Dr. Martens throwbacks! These shoes look like they belong in the Delia’s catalog that I would look forward to every few months when I was a teenager. I love the super cute flower buckle detail, these oxfords look like they will go well with both dresses and pants. Perfect for fall.

The Inside Story of How Silicon Valley Rewired Our Brains

I listened to this episode earlier in the week and found it so interesting. I’m totally guilty of mindlessly scrolling through instagram or Pinterest, when I could be doing something so much more constructive. I even linked an instagram post in this Friday Finds! Give it a listen if you’re curious how the fundamental design of social media platforms have literally rewired our brains.

Cocktails and Mocktails for Autumn

This roundup of festive fall beverages has something for everyone. I would save this list for upcoming holiday gatherings! The Pumpkin Pie Margarita and Blackberry Plum Sangria sound so yummy, and they are pretty too. If you’re more in the mood for a mocktail/kid friendly drink The Cranberry Sparkler and Sparkling Ginger Apple Punch with Muddled Cranberries look refreshing. I love anything with cranberries, yum!

I hope you enjoy this last weekend of summer!

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