Friday Finds May 13

May 13, 2022

We have had beautiful weather in Maine this week. The sun has been shining and the sunrises have been magical. Get the garden beds ready because the full moon is next week which means that you can start planting next weekend! I’m not 100% sure if that’s facts or an old wives tale but I’m sticking to it. This week’s finds include some travel inspo, a meatless recipe, some self care and a binge worthy show.

Fairy Tale Castles

I don’t ever need an excuse to visit France but this list of 12 Fairy Tale Castles (Chateaux) is a great reason to visit. I’ve only visited 2 out of the 12 so clearly I have a lot more exploring to do. According to the article France has over 40,000 castles, I’ll be happy if I can check off the ones on this list of 12!

Mushroom Bolognese

For Sunday Supper last week I made a super yummy meatless bolognese. It’s made with porcini and cremini mushrooms instead of the typical ground beef/pork mixture you would find in a traditional bolognese. You can find the recipe in the Sunday Supper magazine that was put out by America’s Test Kitchen. The link above has the ingredients list and if you want the full recipe message me, I’ll share it.

Tea Tree Foot Soak

It’s that time of year when you start to pay more attention to your feet. The sandals are coming out soon if they haven’t already! I picked up some Dr. Teal’s Tea Tree Epsom Salts, it’s a great way to relax and pamper your tootsies. I also just love the smell of tea tree oil, anyone else?

Winning Time

Andrew and I just watched the season finale of this show on HBO/HBO Max. Winning Time- The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty is about…you guessed it the start of the Lakers Dynasty. It’s a drama that chronicles the professional and personal lives of the 1980s Los Angeles Lakers. Is there a bunch of nudity in it? Yep. Will you be shocked by some of the behavior? Possibly. Should you still watch it? Definitely. The cast is also really great.

Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend!

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