Friday Finds July 8

July 8, 2022

What a beautiful stretch of weather we’ve been having in Maine. I hope the weather has been just as wonderful where you are. This week’s finds include some walking tips, meatless Monday ideas, ways to stay cool and cat videos for a cause.

Level Up Those Daily Walks

I have been going on sunrise walks for a few months now. Walking is a super cheap way to stay healthy and clear your mind. Looking for ways to get more out of your walks? Check out this article by the New York Times. It is behind a paywall but if you haven’t exhausted your free views you should be able to read it. Here’s another article that is free with similar tips!

Vegetarian Meals

With fresh produce everywhere this time of year and meat prices still on the rise, meatless meals can happen anytime, not just on Mondays. Eater rounded up some of the best vegetarian recipes to make your meatless meal planning even easier. My favorites are shakshuka and the vegan cacio e pepe. So yummy!

Keep Cool This Summer

It’s been heating up in Maine the past couple of weeks and we always wait until the very last minute to use our air conditioners. I prefer fans and fresh air to that constant hum of the ac. This article give you tips like using fans strategically, drinking more water and mixing up some aloe ice cubes.

Cat Video Fest

Who hasn’t spent an hour going the down the rabbit hole of ridiculous cat videos? If you live in the Portland, Maine area the Portland Museum of Art will be showing compilation of purr-fectly curated cat videos July 8-10. Tickets range from $5-$9 depending on the day and membership status, 10% of all ticket sales are donated to the Animal Refuge League. If you don’t live in the Portland area check out this website to see when Cat Video Fest may be showing near you.

Have a great weekend!

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