Friday Finds February 18

February 18, 2022

Happy Friday! This was a great week, Super Bowl Sunday, Valentine’s Day Monday and today at 2:10pm I am officially on break from school for a whole week. Woohoo! No big plans but looking forward to having to set an alarm. This week’s finds include a facial mist, a Netflix suggestion, a travel article, and a curling cocktail.

Avène Thermal Spring Water

My skin has been all out of sorts lately. Super dry, red splotches, I have a pimple…( I haven’t had one in years!) A friend suggested I try this thermal mist from Avène and I am a fan. My skin seems more hydrated and less blotchy already. This is a great company for skin care, their sunscreen is a must in my beach bag.

The Tinder Swindler

Wow, I just watched this and wow is all I can say. I’ve been so wrapped up in the Winter Olympics that I hadn’t checked out Netflix in a hot minute. This documentary/movie is a must watch for any crime junkie. The “swindler” duped women into giving him thousands of dollars. While these women were plunging into dept he was flying on private jets and partying all over the world. What a slimeball. Be careful out there folks!

The Romance of Paris

Traveling is one of my favorite things to do and I subscribe to Conde Naste Traveler magazine. It always inspires new adventures and makes my travel wish list grow by the month. In the current issue Rick Steves shares some of his favorite things to do in Paris with his wife. It’s a quick read and definitely takes you on a mini brain break to the city of light. It’s available to to read free online, check it out here.

Curling Cocktail

Did you know that the origin of curling traces back to 16th century Scotland? The sport was played on frozen ponds and lochs where sweeping was necessary to clear the snow to provide a path for the rocks. Today Olympic curling stones are made exclusively from Scottish granite which comes from Ailsa Craig, a small uninhabited island off the coast. I found this yummy cocktail made with Hendrick’s gin that is perfect to sip while watching those rocks glide into the house.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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