Friday Finds August 5

August 5, 2022

Happy first Friday of August! As much as summer is not my favorite it can slow down a little bit. I think I have only 3 more Fridays until teacher PD (professional development) starts back up and we need to start getting classrooms ready for students. Yikes!Slow down summer! This week’s finds include some beautiful train stations, some foreign TV, a summer dip and a super cute website.

Beautiful Train Stations

How many of these beautiful stations can you cross off your list? I’ve only been to 5, so I have a lot more travel to do if I want to cross a few more off the list. I find it interesting how different they all look, some look straight out of a Wes Anderson movie while others look super modern. I love traveling by train and hope this list inspires you to leave the car at the rental place.

Foreign Language TV

Feel like escaping to a foreign country without the hefty price tag and jet lag? Try streaming one of these 19 shows that CNTraveler put together. I’ve only seen one from this list, DARK (Germany) but I am definitely going to check out Call My Agent (Paris) Midnight at Pera Palace (Istanbul) and Girls from Ipanema (Rio de Janeiro).

Mexican Street Corn Dip

This dip by Half Baked Harvest looks like the perfect summer snack by the pool or at a outdoor gathering. Grilled corn, spicy chili butter, and salty crumbled cotija cheese…how good does that sound? I’ve made quite a few of the recipes on this site and they never disappoint.

French Knot

I’m a sucker for embroidered items and cute dolls. I stumbled across this super cute felted cat doll named Sophia and then explored the other offerings on the site. It’s full of beautiful knit and embroidered items like hats (I really like the Josephine Cloche & Molly Beret) hand accessories, slippers, coin purses and more. So many cute things! I’m going to bookmark this site for later when I’m looking for a gift idea.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Train stations are so cool! This list was very fun to go through but we gotta be more creative than naming every station Union something. I’ve been to four. I think Estación de Atocha in Spain was my favorite, it was really beautiful! And OMG the US needs to do high speed trains – Madrid to Barcelona in two hours? Just too easy! I also love Phily’s William H. Gray III 30th Street Station – I find it very understated. Then of course, living in NYC I’ve been dazzled by Grand Central’s gorgeous ceiling many times! I actually pop in plenty just to walk through when I’m in the area. I’ve seen the WTC Transportation Hub and the Oculus is super cool but a modern train station just doesn’t have that same vibe as an older one. Somehow the older train stations are more magical with how they seem to be able to transport you back in time!

    1. I know! Who knew there were so many Union Stations? Not me! I agree that we need high speed rail SO badly in the US, it’s so convenient to hop on a train to get where you want to go in other countries, especially Europe. And super affordable too!

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