Friday Finds August 19

August 19, 2022

It’s Friday! I’ve had a pretty chill week. We got a TON of rain in Maine midweek which gave me the opportunity to catch up on some emails and do a little online professional development. The rain was lovely though and it has seemed to reawaken the gardens in the neighborhood. A mid-August bonus 🙂 This week’s finds include a page turner, some dragon inspo, a Trader Joe’s find and a new spritz.

The Paris Apartment

I know a lot of people, especially true crime enthusiasts have picked up Ashley Flowers book, All Good People Here but I’m putting it on the back burner for right now. I have been on the waitlist at my local library for Lucy Foley’s latest, The Paris Apartment since March! So I finally popped into my favorite book store and just bought it. I’m glad that I own my own copy because it’s definitely going to make the rounds with my family. (between my mom, mother in law and aunts I always have a new book in my hands) This book has it all murder, blackmail, illicit love, betrayal, prostitution…and of course a wonderfully dysfunctional family.

House of the Dragon

Who’s excited for Sunday and the premiere of House of the Dragon? I am! As you know I love a theme night, I don’t care how cheesy you think I am. The Food Network apparently feels the same way because they have collected some ideas and decorating ideas for your Sunday watch party. Now, I’m not going to overdo it with dragon inflatables or costumes but the Pomegranate Dragon Cocktail, British Meat Pies and Blood Orange Trifle look right up my alley.

Crunchy Jalapeño Lime & Onion

This Trader Joe’s find brings out the best in tacos, turkey burgers, scrambled eggs, phở, grilled cheese sandwiches…it’s like that Everything But The Bagel seasoning, it makes things just a little better.  The flavor profile is salty, oniony, a hint of lime and spiced with dried jalapeños. Grab it before it’s gone! It may just be a summer addition.

Chandon Garden Spritz

I love a spritz and I love a ready to pour spritz even more! Chandon Garden Spritz is a blend of sparkling wine and a unique bitters recipe crafted with valencia oranges macerated with dry orange peels, herbs and spices. It is everything you want in a summer drink- fruity, not too sweet, and refreshing. If you want a bougie version of a hard seltzer/wine cooler, then this is for you.

Cheers to the weekend! I hope it’s a great one 🙂

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