Date Night In

Date Night In (or out)-The Perfect Picnic

This is a little different from my typical date night in posts. The weather has been so beautiful in Maine that it’s nice to have a date night or day outside. I love to pack up a picnic, drive to a local park or maybe a bit further 🙂 and have a nice little date […]

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Date Night In | Recipes

Date Night In- Portugal

A new month means a new date night in idea. This time we are “traveling” to Portugal. Andrew and I have tried to make a flight to Portugal twice and we ended up in Belgium and The Netherlands instead. Not complaining at all, it’s the adventure of stand by travel! We’ll make it to Portugal […]

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Date Night In | travel

Date Night In- Italy

I have never been to Italy but it is on my ever growing list of destinations I must visit. I helped my parents plan a trip a couple of years ago and it definitely sparked an interest in this country full of historic sites and delicious food. So here we go, date night in with […]

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