Friday Finds August 12

August 12, 2022

Happy Friday! I hope your week has been going well. We have finally gotten a break from the heat in Maine(yay!), so being outside is SO much more enjoyable. This week’s finds include a travel app, a salmon recipe, a self care article and a no fail vase.


A community-driven recommendation platform for inspiration, intuitive planning, collaboration, booking, and sharing” I was invited to try this new app and you should check it out too! You can create and share your own recommendation lists and check out some created by others who love to travel. It seems like a great tool to use when planning a trip or looking for local suggestions. If you join, look for me! I just made my profile on Thursday so I don’t have many friends yet 🙂

Salmon and Couscous Salad

I made this delicious salad yesterday for dinner and it was the perfect meal to have after my Zumba class. Fresh herbs, healthy salmon and the addition of couscous makes this very satisfying. I was able to prep everything ahead of time too which is always a plus for me. Make sure you read the notes from others about the recipe. I always find them extremely helpful.

Energy Vampires

This is a pop-psychology term for someone “who is gaining energy, and draining yours, by monopolizing the conversation, and has an excessive need for validation or attention,”. Sound like someone you know? I have definitely had my run-ins with energy vampires,(I may even be one from time to time) it makes your job so much harder because you feel emotionally drained. This article gives tips on how to be consistent with your boundaries and keeping yourself accountable for your own self care.


Have you ever tried to arrange flowers in a wide mouthed vase only to have them automatically flop to the rim? This vase by Ilse Crawford can be found at IKEA and has special ridges in the bottom that help to keep your posies in place. From what I can tell, only the green-brown vase has this built in helper but that’s my favorite one anyway.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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