Start Spreading the News….

We did it! We went on our first “nonrev” trip! I have been officially working for the airline for a month so that means that I am able to start my adventures. Andrew and I wanted to do something small for our first trip, just to see how this whole standby thing works, and settled on NYC.

We both love New York but the driving there takes about 6 hours, more if there’s traffic, and you need to worry about parking and driving alongside taxis…’s just too much of a hassle. So when we saw that we could be in New York in about an hour by plane I signed us up for the 11:30 flight out of Portland to LaGuardia. We got to the Portland Jetport and crossed our fingers that we would make the flight, there was a a Nor’Easter earlier in the week which hit New York, so the standby list was filled with guests who had been rebooked. We were prepared to list and wait for the next flight if we couldn’t make the first one, but we made it!

We had a wonderful weekend of eating, shopping and exploring one of our favorite cities.ย  Stay tuned for more about our weekend getaway!



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