Let the Adventures Begin!

A woman that I work with at my school has been traveling a lot lately. She’s been to Portugal, Ireland, Disney World and is planning her next adventure now. I don’t need to tell anyone that teachers do not make oodles of money,when Andrew and I have planned trips we really needed to plan, like months in advance planning. So when my coworker was sitting in my classroom telling me about her possible upcoming travel plans I needed to know her secret. Well, it turns out she works part time at our local airport for an airline that has phenomenal travel benefits for their employees. Her and her husband can fly for free and so can her parents! Anywhere….Paris….Hawaii…Japan. They can go anywhere that the airline and their affiliates fly! She’s not a flight attendant, she helps people check in, helps with boarding and occasionally calms down a disgruntled flier. As she’s telling me this I’m thinking to myself, I could totally do this…I can put in an extra 20 hours a week for the possibility of “free travel”.  When she mentioned that they were hiring I jumped at the opportunity, fast forward a month and I’m just waiting for my fingerprints to clear, so I can start my training!

Now, this “free travel” is always standby, or Non-Rev as in Non Revenue,  so to take advantage of my employee perks I will need to be flexible which is way out of my comfort zone when traveling. I’m such a planner when it comes to trips that Andrew and I take; I have Pinterest boards full of places to see, airbnbs saved and usually directions printed out because I never trust that our phones/GPS will work 100% of the time. With standby travel we may think that we’re going to Ireland for the weekend but if there aren’t any seats available our plans will need to change…Paris anyone? Belgium? Rome? And that’s when the adventure begins. I can’t wait to be able to share some of our Non-Rev travel stories and if anyone has any advice or must see places I’d love to hear them!



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