This past week was a long one. Between 80 degree weather, meetings, open house and a new student starting I was in need of either a vat of wine or something super fun by the time Friday finally came.  Thankfully I live in a city that loves the arts and often has free events, Friday was no exception.

Portland Ovations hosted the vertical dance troop, Bandaloop, for two very impressive performances. Bandaloop travels the world performing on the sides of museums, skyscrapers, and other city buildings. I still can’t believe that little ol’ Portland Maine was on their lineup!


While watching them you wonder if they were trained acrobats, ballet dancers or Cirque du Soleil performers before joining this troop. I was so awestruck by their first performance at 5pm that I stuck around for the 6pm as well. It was amazing that they were able to have so much grace while dangling in the air.



If you ever have the chance to see these talented people in action don’t hesitate!


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