Ooh la la Crêpes!

Oh my goodness, there is a new  crêperie in town and it is delicious! When we stayed in Brittany last year I was kind of obsessed with the crêpes there and whenever we needed to grab a quick bite…crêpes s’il vous plait! Below are the savory crêpes or galettes that Andrew and I ate in France.  He hates when I take food pictures 🙂

Flip Crêperie in South Portland has definitely filled my crêpe void and they are a 2-minute drive or a 6-minute bike ride…I figure if I ride my bike I’m earning the calories in the sweet crepes, right? I mean it’s mostly uphill!


The other day I was craving something sweet and since it’s the Summer of Jess I decided to treat myself and have a sweet crêpe for lunch. I was torn between the French Preserves and the Lemon, butter and cream but I opted for the lemon, butter and cream and I added fresh berries. C’est magnifique! The fresh Chantilly cream was light and fluffy and the preserved lemon worked so well with the berries, I was very happy.

The owners of Flip Crêperie trained in St. Malo to master the art of the French Crepe and it shows. They import the finest ingredients and take pride in their work. I also love that we can chit chat about St. Malo and Brittany with them, we LOVED that area of France. Oh who are we kidding? We haven’t met an area of France that we haven’t loved.

So if you are ever in SoPo and have a hankering for the very thin pancakes, Flip Crêperie is a must.

Bon appetite!

One thought on “Ooh la la Crêpes!

  1. Flip Crêperie (Jessica & Shawn)

    We just came across your lovely review of our crêperie. Merci beaucoup, Jessica! We’re so glad you enjoyed your food & expérience at Flip. Our menu has evolved since we opened last July, so if you haven’t visited lately, we invite you to come back to try more crepes, as well as our tarte Flambée (think French pizza) and sweet house-made French pastries (e.g. Kouign Amann, chocolate Sablés), too.


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