Yoga and Beer

I went to Foulmouthed Brewing tonight to try something that is popping up all over the Greater Portland area, yoga and beer. It had been a LONG week and when a coworker suggested that we try this I was all in. My friends own Foulmouthed, so if I’m going to make a fool out of myself trying to get into pigeon pose it may as well be there! The class was on the brewery side of the business so we were surrounded by mash tuns and the smells of malts and hops, it was awesome. Nice and cozy but still enough room for all of our mats.


I hadn’t done yoga in a class setting for years. I’ve done the 20 minute on demand sessions in my living room but this is completely different. I definitely challenged myself and was reminded that my wrists are super weak, but I felt so relaxed and loose afterwards. And the beer at the end of the hour was fantastic! We ended up staying for dinner and one more beer, it was a great way to end a stressful week.


I know, I know, we ordered sandwiches and split the delicious garlic fries but we just worked out for an hour so it’s okay, right? ( we both had doggie bags too)

Here is a list of  Breweries that have had yoga in Maine . This is not just a Maine trend and I’m sure if you can find something near you if you look!

Baxter Brewing – Bend and Brew- Check for updates

Mast Landing–  Namashte – Check for updates

Foulmouthed Brewing– Yoga and Beer every Friday and Sunday 5:30 PM

The yoga and beer experience was great and I will do it again. It’s a great way to end a work week and to chit chat with some new people. I highly recommend it!

Happy Friday! Cheers!


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